Nearly 25% of Arizona Daily Star newsroom laid off
From the top editor on down, the Arizona Daily Star staff was cut by nearly one-quarter on Monday, as the newspaper's corporate chain owners told local journalists they were being laid off.

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Protecting our fourth estate is part and parcel of protecting our democratic rule-of-law, #JustSayin


Local news matters, and fossil chain media giants are squeezing it to death all over the country — including here in Tucson.

This is a bad day for our community, and especially for these great journalists, their families, and their colleagues.

@TucsonSentinel Sad but all too typical these days. I subscribed to the Daily Star when I was a grad student at U of A in the ‘90s.


I'm so tired of this shit. It's more profitable for a handful of people to run a company into the ground than to operate at a profit.

The system is broken.

@TucsonSentinel “Last year, despite business pressures, the Star made nearly $9 million in profit on $34 million in revenues. Following that fiscal year 2022 performance, the Tucson newspaper operation pulled in another $2.5 million on nearly $9 million in revenues between the end of September and Christmas”

This isn’t about losing money, it’s about greed. I pay for a subscription to support local news and now I feel like a sucker.

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