We just found out the Texas Observer is shutting down this week. Unfortunately, we found out via our friends at @texastribune.

It's been an absolute pleasure interacting with everyone in the Fediverse as the Texas Observer, and we'll miss you.

They should ban maps of the US because Florida looks like a penis

Veterans of the Battle of Iwo Jima lay a ceremonial wreath during the 78th Reunion of Honor ceremony on the Japanese island today.

The fact that approximately 6 million Jews were murdered by the Nazi regime during World War II is well-known to educated Americans. Much less well-known are the facts of Roma persecution during World War II. Historians estimate that between 250,000 and 500,000 Romani people were systematically murdered by the German regime, out of a prewar European population of perhaps 1 million.


Meanwhile, let's check in on the revised FL school history books...

Elon and the Goons spent the past four months working to identify the best, most critical, most TECHNICAL workers at the company, and now the result is that links don't work when you click them

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Cullen scuttled as Az state health chief as Republicans blast Pima's pandemic measures tucsonsentinel.com/local/repor
Despite a "mountain of expertise," Dr. Theresa Cullen will not lead the Arizona Department of Health Services after Gov. Hobbs withdrew her nomination Tuesday. Cullen was blasted by Republican legislators for measures Pima County took during the COVID pandemic.

Elon tweeted this, and then a few hours later respond to a literal fake news site. How pray tell are people supposed to learn about things that happen outside their direct observation and experience other than through “the press?” Just look for some local people you don’t know who are tweeting about something and then “do your own research?”

Another right-wing member of Congress with a (partially) fictional resume. Not as egregious as Santos, but still pretty flagrant.


I'd like to see a foundation fund an organized crowdsourcing of resume checks of every candidate for Congress.

After Ducey's container wall dismantled, enviro groups push for remediation on border tucsonsentinel.com/local/repor
After state contractors dismantled the last sections of Arizona's ad-hoc border barrier in the Coronado National Forest last week, environmental groups continue to press for remediation efforts in the protected landscape.

As Tucson's Jones Photo closes doors, film processor Gary Kittell remembers his 61-year career tucsonsentinel.com/local/repor
Vacation snapshots. Family portraits. Romantic landscapes of the desert Southwest. For most of the last 61 years, Gary Kittell has cared for thousands upon thousands of photographs as a film processor and developer for Jones Photo, which closed its doors last week.

Man ruining Twitter upset that his ruining of Twitter is harming how much people want to interact with him platformer.news/p/elon-musk-fi

lol well here it is... elon is now using twitter as his personal megaphone and is dissatisfied that his tweets are getting less reach now.

that's the last straw for me. downloading my data and deleting my account. Rest in Peace to twitter 1.0, before it was shit. 2.0 can suck it.


In the wake of news from the bird site that Twitter will end free access to its API, I pulled together a blog post about what that may mean for academic researchers, including those I work with at the University of Washington Center for an Informed Public.

As CIP director @katestarbird observed, this action “will profoundly change how researchers (and society) can study and understand online behavior.”


#MisinformationResearch #UniversityOfWashington #UWCIP

Journalists FOIAed Trump's FOIA requests for documents surrounding the IRS's behind-the-scenes deliberations over releasing his taxes to Congress and I am extremely here for this meta-FOIA action.


Statement on the suspected Chinese spy balloon from Pentagon Press Secretary Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder.

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Imagine the pure embarassment of being a RW politician who does not own a gas stove in this critical time?

And what if your subdivision does not even provide city gas? You are gonna have to go micro-batch and have individual tanks delivered to the house.

Hopefully in unlabeled canisters to avoid further embarassment.

I recently reviewed a book written by an author who identifies as gender nonbinary. I wanted to respect their pronoun preference, but not writing in this mode on a regular basis I found it tricker than I anticipated. The experience prompted me to write about how we just need to come around and accept singular they (already!), and that we owe it to others to honor their pronoun preference.


#language #grammar #English #style #writing #inclusion


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