Tucson broadcast legend John C. Scott dead at 80 tucsonsentinel.com/local/repor
Local radio legend John C. Scott died on Friday. He was 80. He spent more than three decades as the host of the John C. Scott Show, which bounced from AM station to AM station and sometimes stretched as long as four hours a day, five days a week.

A groundbreaker, a force of nature, a pioneer, a friend. We could make each other laugh and cry and laugh until we cried. Once we randomly met Little Richard in a hotel lobby. She shaped more of today’s web than you can imagine, unless you were there. There were none like her, and never will be again. Godspeed, Mols.


Tucson's Molly Holzschlag, known as 'the fairy godmother of the web,' dead at 60 tucsonsentinel.com/local/repor
Molly Holzschlag, whose pioneering work in online design standards led to her being dubbed "the fairy godmother of the web," has died at age 60.

Not so big or bad?: Stricter probes into dead cattle to curtail 'endemic antagonism' vs. gray wolves tucsonsentinel.com/local/repor
A five-year environmental campaign has led to new, tighter standards on when to blame wolves for livestock deaths in Arizona and New Mexico, a change which advocates hope will make it harder to justify killing members of the critically endangered species.

Hacked files held COVID-tracing personal data of 110k Pima County residents tucsonsentinel.com/local/repor
A data breach using a "critical vulnerability" in file-transfer software used by a contractor for Pima County exposed the health and personal data of about 110,000 residents, county officials said Wednesday.

Ukrainians to train on F-16 jet fighters in Tucson tucsonsentinel.com/local/repor
Ukrainian military pilots are expected to begin training to fly F-16 fighter jets in Tucson later this year, as the United States continues to back that country in the face of Russian's invasion.

Sahuarita to vote on lease for water co.; TUSD reviews tech training tucsonsentinel.com/opinion/rep
Global Water Resources, Sahuarita's new private water vendor, is set to become the newest SAMTEC tenant. TUSD will get a rundown on joint ventures with Pima County's JTED technical training program. Plus more in local government meetings this week.

South32 mine boss: No manganese plant planned for Rio Rico tucsonsentinel.com/local/repor
Mining company South32 will not build a manganese processing plant in Rio Rico, the head of the project told residents in a company "town hall” meeting on Thursday. Moments later his speech was cut short by shouts and interruptions from the audience.

Dragons & burning Bibles: 9 things to know about the Az abortion rights amendment headed toward a ballot near you tucsonsentinel.com/opinion/rep
Let's just center this, fellas: the abstraction of the "abortion issue" and big questions about life and the power of the state can cloud just how real and concrete the topic is for women who are forced to confront it.

Pima Sheriff's Dep't failed to notify family of dead inmate for 2.5 months tucsonsentinel.com/local/repor
The family of a 22-year-old Minnesota man who died in the Pima County Jail in May spent months posting on social media searching for information about him, asked law enforcement about him and checked with Tucson-area hospitals and the jail, and yet they did not learn of his overdose death until Tuesday.

Advocates launch initiative to secure abortion rights in Arizona tucsonsentinel.com/local/repor
A coalition of groups is seeking to ask voters to enshrine the right to an abortion in the Arizona Constitution. If approved by voters in the November 2024 election, the Arizona Abortion Access Act would allow women to terminate their pregnancy until the point at which a fetus could survive outside the womb.

Final results: Tucson Democratic incumbents rack up Council primary wins tucsonsentinel.com/local/repor
In final vote counts released Monday in Tucson's city primary election, the Democratic incumbents showed their hold on voters, while the GOP candidates didn't yet ignite significant voter interest.

Get a sense of scale for computer storage...

Byte of data: a grain of rice
Kilobyte: a cup of rice
Megabyte: 8 bags of rice
Gigabyte: 3 container lorries
Terabyte: 2 container ships
Petabyte: covers Manhattan
Exabyte: covers the UK (3 times)
Zettabyte: fills the Pacific Ocean

Original source of the comparison, for the record: slideshare.net/dwellman/what-i

27 years ago today, an era came to an end

The Ramones never let up and gave their best every time they took the stage for over 20 years. It all ended on August 6, 1996 at the Palace in Hollywood, after 2,263 shows the Boyz had their last performance.

#ramones #punkrockhistory

The final days of the Santa Barbara News-Press, whose wealthy owner, Wendy McCaw, ran it into the ground with her right-wing politics and unethical journalism. #LocalNews #journalism washingtonpost.com/media/2023/

You should be angry at how easy it is to buy a Supreme Court Justice

You should be angrier at how cheap it is:


Meet Clarence Thomas’ RV.

A Prevost Le Mirage XL Marathon paid for by Anthony Welters—A man who made his fortune preventing you from getting health care.

NEW: The 5th Circuit struck down a Jim Crow-era provision of the Mississippi Constitution that permanently disenfranchised Mississippians with certain felony convictions. The opinion held that the provision violates the 8th Amendment.

Friends of Aphasia helps Tucson stroke survivors & other patients process words tucsonsentinel.com/local/repor
Founded by ex-Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, the nonprofit Friends of Aphasia provides help for stroke survivors and others who struggle with processing words.

Tucson’s A-10s headed to final destination as Davis-Monthan lands new special ops mission tucsonsentinel.com/local/repor
The Air Force is finally moving forward with plans to decommission the A-10, including squadrons based in Tucson, but a new special ops mission will be moving to at Davis-Monthan AFB — bringing the first "tail-dragger" combat propeller plane in 50 years.

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