Az Legislature passes contentious budget in face of $1.3B deficit
Neither Democratic nor Republican lawmakers were very happy Saturday after spending more than 12 hours voting, passing Arizona's state budget just two weeks shy of the end of the fiscal year.

Tucson hip-hop artist Cash Lansky drops 'Man Of The House,' his major indie debut
After a youth spent sidestepping adverse life events — obstacles that for some would have ended in ruin — Tucson's independent hip-hop artist Cash Lansky emerges with "Man Of The House," his debut on a major indie label.

Hellertoon: Happy Father's Day!
Someday, you may be fortunate enough to reflect on everything your parents have done for you, and realize you've got big shoes to fill.

Religion still has power in American politics
"I wish more Americans stopped to think before believing what someone says is in the Bible or simply shrugging and saying it doesn’t matter." — Trip Jennings of New Mexico In Depth

Arizona healthcare experts highlight reproductive rights efforts
As news came Thursday of the Supreme Court's ruling to maintain access to the abortion pill Mifepristone, a Biden administration official and Arizona healthcare leaders highlighted the continued challenges to women's healthcare in the state following the reversal of Roe v. Wade.

How DEI rollbacks at colleges & universities set back learning
In the last year and a half in almost every state, 159 institutions have reduced or eliminated diversity, equity and inclusion programs, though eliminating DEI programs could have serious consequences for teaching and learning.

Road to ‘Huh?’ is paved with highway humor
States have had their fun with highway safety messages, posting everything from Taylor Swift lyrics to discourage texting in Mississippi, to a “vibe check” to encourage seat belt use in Arizona, but federal safety officials aren’t amused by states’ cheek.

Feds indict Tucson man for cocaine possession, illegal automatic firearms
A 22-year-old Tucson man faces multiple federal charges after police officers found cocaine, weapons modified for fully automatic fire, and silencers in his vehicle, officials said Friday.

Feds indict Tucson man for cocaine possession, illlegal automatic firearms
A 22-year-old Tucson man faces multiple federal charges after police officers found cocaine, weapons modified for fully automatic fire, and silencers in his vehicle, officials said Friday.

GOP candidates for Pima County sheriff square off in OV forum
The three Republican candidates for Pima County Sheriff met in a forum Wednesday in Oro Valley and agreed on one point: Sheriff Chris Nanos has to go.

Celebrate Juneteenth around Tucson
Culinary experiences, a movie and a festival are all part of the Juneteenth celebrations around Tucson.

Siding in favor of Starbucks, Supreme Court limits federal labor board
The Supreme Court sided with the world’s largest coffee chain and raised the standard necessary for the National Labor Relations Board to seek judicial intervention to halt unfair labor practices.

The election that never was: Tucson Council to stamp out summer sales tax vote; Pima Supes look at I-11
The Tucson City Council is set to cancel an election it appears to have never had any intention of holding, state changes to zoning laws, Pima Supes' budget, I-11 and more from upcoming government meetings around Tucson.

Sheriff, county attorney candidates to meet in forum Monday
Candidates for Pima County's law-and-order offices will meet in a forum on Monday, June 17.

Pima County Superior Court appoints 5 new judicial officers
Four new court commissioners and a new judge pro tempore have been named by the judges of the Pima County Superior Court.

Pima County issues air pollution advisory for Friday
Air pollution in the Tucson metro area, including moderate concentrations of ground-level ozone, prompted an advisory Friday from Pima County that some residents should avoid intense physical outdoor activity.

FDA probing 'Diamond Shruumz' after more severe reactions reported
A week after Arizona health officials cautioned consumers about "Diamond Shruumz," the FDA announced a federal investigation after more reports of seizures and loss of consciousness related to the mushroom-infused products.

Beat the heat with cooling stations in Tucson, Pima County
To provide respite from the heat, Pima County has opened more than 30 cooling, respite and hydration centers, plus pools and splash pads. The city of Tucson also has facilities, and there are also others available for homeless residents.

Free sandbags available from Pima County, Oro Valley as monsoon prep begins
Pima County and the town of Oro Valley are opening multiple sites where residents can pick up free sandbags.

Harlan Crow provided Clarence Thomas at least 3 previously undisclosed private jet trips
Billionaire political donor Harlan Crow provided at least three previously undisclosed private jet trips to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas in recent years, and it’s possible more revelations are yet to come.

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