Dragons & burning Bibles: 9 things to know about the Az abortion rights amendment headed toward a ballot near you
Let's just center this, fellas: the abstraction of the "abortion issue" and big questions about life and the power of the state can cloud just how real and concrete the topic is for women who are forced to confront it.

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"Generally, pregnant people living in states with abortion bans are three times more likely to die from pregnancy than pregnant people living in states without bans.

And overall, the US has the highest pregnancy-related mortality rate among all high-income countries."

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Another awful outcome of Republican policies. You know, those white, “Christian,” “patriots”.



#SCOTUS has already started eroding women's #BodilyAutonomy by revoking the right to #Abortion. A number of Republicans are already talking about revoking a woman's right to #BirthControl (and to vote).

The #GOP wants to return to the era when #women were the property of men, unable to control their own bodies or live their own lives without male permission.

#WomensRights #USA

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