As Tucson's Jones Photo closes doors, film processor Gary Kittell remembers his 61-year career
Vacation snapshots. Family portraits. Romantic landscapes of the desert Southwest. For most of the last 61 years, Gary Kittell has cared for thousands upon thousands of photographs as a film processor and developer for Jones Photo, which closed its doors last week.

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Damnit, I kept meaning to drop some film off there and check it out. I would love someone to pick up the business locally.

@billyjoebowers @TucsonSentinel

Not in the story: My father was a pro photographer in Wisconsin in the 70s & 80s. He sent his stuff to Jones for processing, years before anybody in the family set foot in Tucson.

@TucsonSentinel Too bad. There were many ways to hand over and keep the service going if he cared to investigate.

@TucsonSentinel great read - thanks for sharing it with us.

We all lose when previous technology and knowledge is abandoned - why we need to reinvent how to build rockets to get to the moon and still struggle with making Roman concrete.

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