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The Savannah Morning News building was one of the last great newspaper temples built in the autumn of the print age. Now the last evidence of the newspaper is being removed.

Congratulations to Chicago's Mayor-elect Brandon Johnson! In retrospect, it seems obvious that the candidate endorsed by Common & Wilco would prevail.

Anti-LGBTQ bill barring preferred pronouns in Arizona schools inches closer to a veto
An Arizona Senate bill which would require written parental permission if students want to use preferred pronouns or a different name at school goes before the entire House of Representatives before being sent to Gov. Hobbs, who reiterating her promise to veto it on Monday.

MLK's final sermon: 'I've Been to the Mountaintop'
Monday, the nation remembers Martin Luther King Jr. Perhaps the greatest of his speeches, from a man renowned for his uplifting words, was one given extemporaneously on the last night of his life, April 3, 1968: "I've Been to the Mountaintop."

Despite recent highs of 80, freeze warning for Tucson on Weds morning
Temperatures will drop as low as 30 degrees across much of the Tucson region early Wednesday morning, with a freeze warning in effect from 2-8 a.m. for the metro area and parts of the Tohono O'odham Nation and Pinal County.

@mmasnick @ct_bergstrom @intelwire "Legacy" blue checks now have a description which says they might be paid subscribers, or not.

I have seriously considered whether there is any valid reason to listen to remarks from TFG after his arrest on Tuesday. And I can't think of one.

What I know:

1).If his lips are moving he's outright lying, exaggerating or distorting the truth.

2). He will have disparaging comments about Democrats, DA Bragg and George Soros.

3). He will describe the investigation as a witchhunt and politically motivated.

4). He will call for anarchy and violence.

Personally, I'd rather hear from the DA.

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Was early early in the spring
All the birds did sweetly sing
They changed their notes from tree to tree
And they sang for Lyra McKee


SPJ: ''No responsible journalist can accept or excuse Fox News behavior'
Appealing to confirmation bias and manufacturing outrage with deceptive posturing for profit, popularity or power while turning away from facts is a cynical and hypocritical strategy.

We just found out the Texas Observer is shutting down this week. Unfortunately, we found out via our friends at @texastribune.

It's been an absolute pleasure interacting with everyone in the Fediverse as the Texas Observer, and we'll miss you.

(Edit: We're not dead yet! There's life in this old pub still. See update at: )

They should ban maps of the US because Florida looks like a penis

Veterans of the Battle of Iwo Jima lay a ceremonial wreath during the 78th Reunion of Honor ceremony on the Japanese island today.

The fact that approximately 6 million Jews were murdered by the Nazi regime during World War II is well-known to educated Americans. Much less well-known are the facts of Roma persecution during World War II. Historians estimate that between 250,000 and 500,000 Romani people were systematically murdered by the German regime, out of a prewar European population of perhaps 1 million.

Meanwhile, let's check in on the revised FL school history books...

Elon and the Goons spent the past four months working to identify the best, most critical, most TECHNICAL workers at the company, and now the result is that links don't work when you click them

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