Az ties to a secretive far-right Christian policy group trying to reshape America
The Council for National Policy, a secretive Christian policy group that has been pushing Christian nationalism and fringe-right ideology into mainstream politics, includes some notable Arizona members who share certain conservative beliefs and connections to the fake elector scheme.

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@TucsonSentinel Doesn't surprise me in the least. If you spend any time in rural #AZ, you know it's chock-a-block with #fundie_vangies, #christo_fascists, #white_nationalists and #RWNJ of every stripe. Truly, when #fascism comes to #America, It will be draped in the #American flag and carrying a #bible.

@TucsonSentinel "The only way that we’re going to stop supporting our own is if they stop actually sharing our values. ' says Kirk. Wonder what % of Turning Point's values they need to support to get this kind of devotion. Maybe 5%?

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