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U.S. Senate Republicans reject Democrats’ bill on IVF protections
U.S. Senate Democrats’ attempts to bolster reproductive rights failed again Thursday when Republicans blocked a bill guaranteeing access to in vitro fertilization from moving forward, a day after Republicans tried unsuccessfully to pass their own IVF access bill.

Excessive heat warning for Tucson, Pima County to continue though Sunday
Southern Arizona will continue under an excessive heat warning through Sunday, the Tucson metro area and parts of central Arizona continue to see temperatures up to 110 degrees during the heat wave.

DOJ: Phoenix police used excessive deadly force, violated civil rights
After a nearly three-year investigation into reports of misconduct amounting to civil rights violations, the Department of Justice said the Phoenix Police Department used excessive and unjustified deadly force and discriminated against Black, Hispanic and Native American people.

Arizona troopers warn Congress that lifting weight limit on trucks will make highways more dangerous
Law enforcement from Arizona and other states descended on Congress, lobbying against a proposal to allow much heavier trucks on the nation’s highways and highlighting concerns about highway safety, congestion and infrastructure damage from bigger trucks.

Supreme Court shoots down ban on bump stocks
The Supreme Court ruled that bump stocks cannot be banned, finding that semiautomatic rifles equipped with the devices are not machine guns because they cannot fire more than one shot by a single function of the trigger.

Major cuts to roads, adult education, but not school vouchers in proposed Arizona state budget
The proposed Arizona budget, crafted after months of negotiations between Republican leadership and Democratic Gov. Katie Hobbs, faces an uphill battle as members of both parties voice concerns about sweeping cuts aimed at addressing the state’s budget deficit.

U.S. Supreme Court refuses to tighten requirements for migrant deportations
Three migrants who said the government skirted immigration rules by sending them removal hearing notices with incomplete information lost their Supreme Court challenge on Friday when the high court found they had adequate notice of the appearances.

Arizona man indicted for plans to start a ‘race war’ with mass shooting
The Department of Justice indicted a Prescott area man on firearms trafficking, transfer of a firearm for use in a hate crime and possession of an unregistered firearm, based on allegations that he planned to shoot up a Bad Bunny concert in Atlanta to initiate a “race war.”

House approves Garland contempt resolution, rising above Democrats’ fury
House Republicans on Wednesday pushed through a resolution to hold Attorney General Merrick Garland in contempt of Congress in yet another drastic attempt to hamstring the Biden administration - though the move to punish Garland is unlikely to be more than a symbolic gesture.

Supreme Court dismisses case that would have limited abortion pill access
The Supreme Court has unanimously dismissed a case that would have limited access to mifepristone, one of the two drugs used in a medication abortion. The decision leaves access to the abortion drug unchanged for now.

Senate GOP blocks Supreme Court ethics bill
Senate Republicans on Wednesday successfully spiked a Democrat-led bill that would have forced the U.S. Supreme Court to adopt an enforceable code of ethics, but the legislative push to hold the high court accountable for ethical malfeasance appears far from over.

Watchdog group, GOP U.S. House members blast ‘reckless’ earmark spending
A group opposed to wasteful government spending and a handful of U.S. House Republicans warned that project-specific spending known as earmarks was contributing to an increase in the national debt.

Western U.S. faces snow drought as summer heats up
Another winter without enough snow and rain has left much of the western United States parched for water, though California, Arizona and New Mexico saw an above-average snow season, a welcome improvement to water supplies, which are still recovering from historic droughts.

Biden administration faces lawsuit over anti-asylum rule
A coalition of immigrant rights groups filed a lawsuit over President Joe Biden’s executive order that effectively bars most people illegally crossing the southern U.S. border from receiving asylum.

GOP sends more ballot measures to Az voters, bypassing governor’s veto
Arizona Republicans pushed through several ballot referrals, including one that would eliminate term limits for judges across the state an another that would authorize constitutional challenges to be filed against ballot measures before voters even have a chance to consider them.

Kari Lake fails, again, to convince a court that she’s the rightful Az governor
Republican U.S. Senate hopeful Kari Lake has lost yet another appeal in her effort to overturn the 2022 election for Arizona governor after a three-judge panel for Arizona’s Division Two Court of Appeals affirmed the lower court’s rulings.

Forthcoming Az bill targeting child grooming might restrict sex education. Here’s how.
Last month, Gov. Katie Hobbs signed HB2310—a bill that aims to prosecute distributing sexual images to children, but community groups and teachers say it has the capability of instead targeting those who provide inclusive education on gender and sex.

Raytheon accused of age discrimination over job openings limited to recent college grads
RTX Corporation, formerly known as Raytheon, discriminates against older applicants in its hiring practices for positions aimed at recruiting recent college graduates, one such applicant claims in a class action filed against the aerospace and defense giant.

Biden administration advances plan to remove medical debt from credit scores
Americans would no longer have to worry about medical debts dragging down their credit scores under federal regulations proposed by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that would dramatically expand protections for tens of millions of Americans.

Federal judge tosses Biden administration’s Title IX guidance aimed at protecting LGBTQ+ students
A federal judge in Texas ruled that the Biden administration's interpretation of Title IX as prohibiting discrimination in education based on sexual orientation and gender identity is unlawful.

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